About the Author

Really Awesome People was created as a fun project after 15+ years of building professional software and websites. I purchased this domain for a fun project near the beginning of my career and I thought it would be a cool project to cycle back to. What I hope to create with this project is something I think this world really needs, and that’s positivity. If you received a message written directly by Really Awesome People, and you’re still reading this, let's talk. I really think I can do something cool and, I picked you specifically because of your value in this space.

About the Project

The concept behind Really Awesome People is actually pretty simple. Any random user can come to this website and start writing a positive message to whoever they choose. All of the letters will be public and searchable by the receiver's name and anyone can read them. The messages will be moderated as they come in to ensure that only positive messages are being posted. Authors can choose to try and have their letters added to the most popular sidebar, which is especially helpful for that random person that helped you out but you didn't get a name for. At least that's the concept. As of today, this is a very raw and basic website, but I hope to continue working on this project until this concept is reality.